Principles of Multimedia [Sp 17]

The Course Schedule will be updated throughout the semester.

Principles of Multimedia
Spring 2017
Miriam Langer –
MART 356, MART 556
Office hours: T-Th 2-4 pm or by appointment
Class slack board:

Class meeting time: T/Th 11-12:50

Goals of this course: This is not a class about learning software click by click, it’s about creating interesting, thoughtful projects. Once we get started you’ll have to figure stuff out, do tutorials, work together. Tuesdays will be about practicing in the environment and learning new skills, Thursdays will be about creating new projects and thinking/discussing/critiquing computer created responsive environments.

Expectations: This class requires that you RTFM – in whatever format works for you, along with instructions/tutorials posted in the syllabus. If you want to create awesome interactive environments, you have to care & put in the time.