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A new idea for open electronics

I never thought I would get caught up in the idea of building my own open source microcontroller, but lately I’ve been dreaming about it. Last week I dreamt that I met some women at a party in Brooklyn (waking life: I live in New Mexico) and they showed me this beautiful new board they had built. As they were explaining all the cool I/O , I woke up, super bummed that it was a dream and that hardware didn’t exist.

Over the last few months, we’ve been compiling data on expanding field of open source microcontrollers, not with any expectation that my love of the simple, perfect arduino Uno would be displaced, but because I’m curious about this emerging arena. Who is putting so much time and money to bring a$15 boards to the market? Also: many of them suck and just don’t work. (When I read Emile Petrone’s post , “We Need More Embarrassing Hardware”, I could kind of see his point, I also want to say No.We.Do.Not.) There is plenty of sloppy hardware out there, and later on I might name names.

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