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What’s up for Fall 2014 (while it’s still very much summer)

I’m working on some themes that will set the tone for my academic year. Well, at least for the fall semester, since I can’t promise to not change my direction & ideas completely by January. As I write this, it’s the beginning of July, about 97 degrees outside (which is why I’m inside, and getting ready for fall actually seems like a good idea).

“I don’t see the world as a market, but rather, as a place that people live in.” -Red Burns

I’m thinking about cross platform development, open hardware, making vs. manufacturing, and the Internet of Things (#IoT is how it presents on Twitter) . I’m thinking a little bit less about wearables in this moment, but that will change as I start working on my syllabus for Physical Computing, which would be way remiss without a wearable component. Gestural interfaces like the Kinect & Leap have played a big role in recent projects (such as the Baumann Marionettes), and Augmented Reality (AR), something I started paying attention two almost 4 years ago, finally seems to be ready for users.  So whether you’re in my Web Production or Physical Computing classes, be prepared hear about these areas.

Summer reading & a few conference visits got me more interested in projects like MakerNurses, small scall manufacturing, custom 3D toy design.  My former student Veronica Black, just did her MFA thesis at Parson’s in food-based clothing technology, and I’m following her research.

Parachute Factory & the NMSL partnership is doing great work with community technology, a couple of grad students are in the middle of writing their theses. It’s still hot outside, and I’ve seen a lot of soccer these past few weeks.

More here in a few weeks as planning develops.



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